Things To Consider While Buying Survival Knife

Survival knife has become one of the must have item. There are several things to consider while buying a survival knife. While buying a survival knife, the first thing which you need to ask yourself is what would be the main reason for you to use that survival knife. If your answer is something such as survival, hunting, hiking, and bushcraft or anything outdoor related then below is the list of few things to consider while buying survival knife which might help you to choose the right survival knife:


The tang of the knife is basically the portion of the knife’s blade that extends down the handle. The blade and the tang are one solid portion of steel. A full tang or a tang that goes all the way to the handle’s base is actually considered as a good quality survival knife. A survival knife having a full tang would be able to provide entire knife strength and its blade won’t break when force is applied to its handle, whereas, the cheaper knives have blades which are connected to the handle top and can break off easily.


The handle on the different survival knives varies widely. There are some which are made of hard rubber, whereas others are of the polymer. While buying a survival knife, you need to keep in mind that you buy such type of knife which has a hollow handle so as to have a space for storing things. Moreover, if the handle of the survival knife has a lanyard hole in its handle then a person can easily fasten the lanyard and wrap it around their wrist so that when they are chopping something with their knife, the knife won’t fly out of their hand


The sheath is something which is often overlooked; however, it is very essential when it comes to a knife. A survival knife is only helpful when you are carrying it when you actually need it. It is not possible for a person to carry the knife on their hand every time so a person needs to have something in which they can put their knife into after its usage. This thing in which the survival knife is kept is known as the sheath and it is usually attached to the belt for the whole duration of the trip. Since it would be attached to your body for a longer period, you need to ensure that you buy a sheath which is comfortable and sturdy. Find one which fits well on your body. You also need to ensure that it keeps a secure hold on your knife or its blade. Moreover, it is very essential to be able to quickly draw the survival knife out when any kind of emergency takes place so you need to make sure that the kind of sheath you are having is just the right one for emergency situations.


The shape of the blade basically decides its function. There are some knives which are specialized for fine cutting, whereas, there are some which are best for rough cutting, slicing, chopping, skinning and even for defensive purposes. Therefore, you need to make sure that the survival knife which you are buying is most suitable for your needs. The best way to find this out is to do some research on this before buying your survival knife.